Day 9: In Memory

Capture Your Grief
Day 9: In Memory


I’m skipping day 8, resources, for now.

I decided fairly quickly after the ectopic that I wanted a tattoo in memory of the lost pea. But what? I thought of a pea but just a tattoo of a pea doesn’t make sense. So I thought sweet pea, the flower. Maybe one unopened such as my above quick sketch with some pink and blue water color brush stroke effects in the background. The unopened aspect has obvious significance as does the pink and blue background. Obviously it will look better than my sketch. I was thinking of putting it on my left side low abdomen which is where the ectopic was. But since my weight gain I’m not so sure I want it there. I’m still not decided on all this but it’s a thought. I want something for the little pea.


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