Chart Thoughts?

Hi ladies. I’d consider myself still a newbie at charting simply because I have no idea what my “normal” charts look like. Normal meaning ovulation.

So, I’d like your thoughts on this cycle. As you know since my ectopic I haven’t ovulated. This cycle is my first on Letrozole (Femara) but I’m not being monitored. Here’s my chart:



I took took femara days 5-9. Started opk tests day 10, all of which have been negative. But I only test once per day in the afternoon. Cd 6 should be a little lower temp because I woke up later. Cd 14 & 17 should be .1 higher as I woke up much earlier. I added a coverline just to try to find a rise.

The past couple days I’ve felt just like I did back when I had a 3 month long anovulatory cycle, plus some light cramping this time. Researching, my symptoms were probably caused by an estrogen dominance that built up over those months. Now, I feel hungry, fatigued, very bloated, and slightly crampy yesterday. I didn’t feel like this last cycle which was 1 month anovulatory. My chart last month was very clearly anovulatory.

My question is, is there any chance I could have ovulated on like cd 11 or 12? Or should I just throw in the towel again and think about contacting my doctor for more provera and a higher dose of femara? Thanks in advance!

I know I’ll find out in a week anyways but I’m impatient and curious and would like another set of eyes.



11 thoughts on “Chart Thoughts?

  1. I think it looks like you ovulated on Cd 11 or Cd 12. I had so much difficulty with temping, and after many months of trying to figure it out I gave up. One thing I did find that made a huge difference in my temps was making sure I got at least 3-5 hours of sleep before waking and taking my temp. I found for me, that the time I took my temps in the morning didn’t matter as long as I was taking it when I first woke up after 3-5 hours of sleep. For example if my alarm is set for 6:30 am, but I stir at 5am I would take it then. Hope this helps!

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    • Thank you. My doctor says she doesn’t even council patients on charting because it’s so challenging and inconsistent for so many. I do the same thing where if I have to get up or wake up early I just temp then. But my temps do usually reflect a difference when I do have to temp earlier or later. So frustrating. I’ll find out (not) soon enough I guess.


  2. I would have to say if you did ovulate it was cd 11 or 12, although i kind of think ovulation ,ay still be just around the corner. The open circle temps could be skewing the data. It is possible that you are having an estrogen dominance which is why the temps are so close to where your cover would be.

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  3. Hmm In my opinion no. After ov, u should have at least 3 days of spike in temp. Thereafter u shd have maintained till AF comes but u have a drop below base line on cd19 which is weird. Also, the temp is quite near baseline… I would get progesterone checked out … Hope it helps.

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