New Plan

I just had my wtf phone consult with the big guy at my clinic. He said we’ve been too delicate with me and we’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this next cycle, which starts asap. 

Birth control, lupron, estrace, neupogen, growth hormone, menopur? Gonal? Intralipids. 

(All dependent on cost and insurance coverage of course. Let’s hope!) 

Maybe a day 3 transfer, maybe a freeze all. 

All needs to be done by our vacation. 


I asked about immune testing but he said just looking at my history he knows I have immune issues and doesn’t want to waste time and $ so he’s treating me for that. 

I feel good about a complete change. He said I’m on a high fat low carb diet. Which I have been. Mostly. 

If you’ve done intralipids and/or neupogen what was your experience? Are the intralipids an infusion? How long does that take?  Do these things really increase success rates? TIA! 


7 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. Glad you are feeling positive about the new protocol! I have never been treated with intralipids, but am curious to hear experiences too. My RE did have Neuprogen on my protocol last cycle, but I never ended up needing it. If I recall right, it is to thicken the lining?

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  2. I had intralipids for my transfer. It was through a saline drip IV, and wasn’t painful at all. You just feel a little cold. I think it made an impact on my transfer’s success. I have high NK cytokines. I hope this more aggressive protocol works for you!

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  3. The neupogen infusion was easy-peasy and completely painless. We did get implantation with that cycle, although I later miscarried. I think that would have happened neupogen or not. Best of luck to you!


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