Me vs progesterone 

So last night I spotted lightly briefly. Just once. Watery red/pink. Had blood work done this morning and the hcg is perfect at 2911. But my progesterone dropped from 29 to 17. Since Wednesday. The nurse isn’t concerned. She said I’m on the max of progesterone already so she won’t increase. (3 suppositories a day and 1.0 PIO shot) But after googling (big mistake) I’m petrified. And wondering why I can’t up my PIO shot to 1.5. My ultrasound is Wednesday. The nurse said that the ultrasound is the best way to tell how it’s going. Hcg is second best. Then the other blood tests. 

So has anyone been maxed out on progesterone and had it decrease and had success? I’ve heard enough of the other side of this situation, I just need any successes. I need hope. 


10 thoughts on “Me vs progesterone 

  1. I had lowish progesterone when I got pregnant with the girls. I ended up on 4 suppositories and PIO. I changed where the suppositories were inserted and it made a difference… Tmi, I know…

    Anyway, everything turned out great with my girls! I have faith everything will be ok with you and your little one(s) too 🙂

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  2. Hmmm based on Beanies suggestion rectal may be better for you. At least you will have peace of mind knowing the vaginal spotting isn’t just due to progesterone irritation. Either way, hope the scan goes well and you get this dosage figured out

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  3. My RE did not check progesterone again after my initial pregnancy test, so I don’t have insight on the number dropping. However, I can share that I spotted, even bled to the point I thought I was miscarrying, until 18 weeks, but my little one kept cooking until 39 weeks. Apparently it is more common to spot with IVF than other types of fertility treatments… Not what we need after all we’ve already been through!

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  4. I was on the same dose and had watery spotting too. I tried inserting them without an applicator (I know not all kinds come with them) and that seemed to help. Apparently the applicator can irritate things. With Endometrin I heard that you can wet them before you insert them to help minimize it “pulling” on sensitive tissue and that seemed to help me too.

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