Me vs progesterone 

So last night I spotted lightly briefly. Just once. Watery red/pink. Had blood work done this morning and the hcg is perfect at 2911. But my progesterone dropped from 29 to 17. Since Wednesday. The nurse isn’t concerned. She said I’m on the max of progesterone already so she won’t increase. (3 suppositories a day and 1.0 PIO shot) But after googling (big mistake) I’m petrified. And wondering why I can’t up my PIO shot to 1.5. My ultrasound is Wednesday. The nurse said that the ultrasound is the best way to tell how it’s going. Hcg is second best. Then the other blood tests. 

So has anyone been maxed out on progesterone and had it decrease and had success? I’ve heard enough of the other side of this situation, I just need any successes. I need hope. 


A guide to learn from your failed IVF cycle

Awesome insight into failed IVF

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If you’re like me, and (a) have had a failed IVF, and (b) believe there is no such thing as too much information, then read on!

I discovered a guide to learning from your failed cycle on a forum and thought it was too awesome not to share. I read this before my post IVF follow up meeting with RE, I will write about how that went in my next post. 

Agate’s guide to learning from your failed IVF cycle

The purpose of this post is to help answer some of the frequent questions ladies have about improving their chances after a failed IVF.  Remember that an OE or DE IVF cycle can be diagnostic in itself.   Many couples will have a baby from their first or second IVF cycle, which (obviously) suggests that IVF is all they need.  Not getting pregnant after 2 or 3 IVFs or getting pregnant…

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Kitchen sink, minus the sink

So I’m back to square 1 now. Turns out insurance doesn’t cover neupogen, HGH, or intralipids. And they’re all too $ for me. So those are the meds to combat my immune issues. The most important changes the Dr made. 

I’m really feeling down. Maybe it’s because I’ve been awake since 3am with tummy troubles and sore joints. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that the feeling and thoughts I’ve had since adolescence that I can’t have kids is right. Maybe I just need to start facing the reality. 

New Plan

I just had my wtf phone consult with the big guy at my clinic. He said we’ve been too delicate with me and we’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this next cycle, which starts asap. 

Birth control, lupron, estrace, neupogen, growth hormone, menopur? Gonal? Intralipids. 

(All dependent on cost and insurance coverage of course. Let’s hope!) 

Maybe a day 3 transfer, maybe a freeze all. 

All needs to be done by our vacation. 


I asked about immune testing but he said just looking at my history he knows I have immune issues and doesn’t want to waste time and $ so he’s treating me for that. 

I feel good about a complete change. He said I’m on a high fat low carb diet. Which I have been. Mostly. 

If you’ve done intralipids and/or neupogen what was your experience? Are the intralipids an infusion? How long does that take?  Do these things really increase success rates? TIA! 

The Value of those without Children in Society

Re-blogging this because I know this to be true. I have experienced all of this all my life. I wish it would change but know that it won’t. Thanks to the author for posting this!

A Few Pieces Missing From Normalcy - An Infertile Man's Perspective

I’m going to write this piece as politely as possible and my intention is to get everyone to think rather than offend people.  This piece also is not directed at any one person as this is a societal norm.

Until infertility came along I never fully recognized the bias society has towards those with children.  In the work place in families, in the media and everyday life people with children are given a break more so than those without children.  If you have two employees one has kids who can’t stay late because of their kids softball/baseball game and the other doesn’t have kids but has a dinner date with their spouse it’s easy to know which one will have to stay late.  Same goes for families with aging parents where the sibling without kids has to take on the responsibility of taking care of their parents rather than the…

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Beating Infertility?


A Calm Persistence

Some think beating infertility is a positive pregnancy test, while others think it’s making it to the first ultrasound, and for some it’s when they hold that precious little newborn in their arms for the very first time.

But when do you actually beat infertility?

If it’s when you get that positive test, does that mean those that have lost their babies have failed? Or those that never see that second line are forever a failure? If it’s when you get to hold your baby and theyfinallymake it home safe, does that mean everyone who has chosen to livea life without childrenwill never win? Does it mean they have permanently lost the battle? I really don’t think so.

I realize we all define beating infertility a little differently, butI guess, what I’m trying to say here is that if we define beating infertility as having a baby, we…

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Friday Foody

Re blogging so I don’t forget this.

the longest journey

Waiting for my first round of IVF to start is not easy. I find myself with extra time on my hands and not exactly knowing how to fill in the gaps. I am eager to jump ahead to when I can start the IVF process, but I know that’s not possible. So, I find myself spending my free time in the kitchen and that is ok by me.


There is nothing I love more than spending time in my kitchen. I love putting on an apron and trying out new recipes. Totally a 1950’s housewife at times and love it. But, not in any other aspect. Just the cooking part. And that’s only when I feel like cooking or baking. Ok, not even close to a 1950’s housewife. More like a new age housewife who only likes to be in the kitchen when I want to and  only likes…

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What an OB Nurse Wishes She Could Tell Someone About Being Pregnant



covering ears

  • Stop complaining.  The older I get, the more friends, family, and coworkers I see having fertility issues.  Pregnancy really is a gift—yes, the nausea, the back pain, the pressure—it’s all a gift that not everyone gets to experience. Imagine if you spent years of your life unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, watching time and money dwindle away from you with still no child to show for it? If you heard someone complaining about “the baby kicking so hard” you’d want to punch them in the face. Yes, sometimes being pregnant is not all rainbows and epiphanies.  Some days you might be miserable, but other days you may feel like you can conquer the world! No one ever said pregnancy is a walk in the park. That’s why men can’t do it :/ I’m not saying don’t complain about anything. I’m just saying have some perspective.  You have round ligament…

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So I think I just ovulated. On my own. I can hardly believe it. 

The last time I ovulated on my own was about 11 months ago, and that was right after I stopped the pill and it wound up being ectopic pregnancy. 

The odds of me getting pregnant and it being in the right spot are like 5%. That’s not even an exaggeration. Just my odds of ever doing this on my own. 

Needless to say, I’m only excited because my body is doing something right. The meds for pcos and hypothyroidism are working I guess. 

So if I have a normal luteal phase of 14 days, my period should start exactly when I was going to call the clinic to start our IVF procedure. Which is perfect timing. If it’s a short luteal phase then the timing is a bit off, a little early. But either way when I get my period I’m calling the clinic to start IVF. My body agrees apparently. It’s getting even more real now. 

Of course there’s my 5% chance. There’s a tiny part of me, about the size of a gnat, that is hopeful this cycle. I’m really trying to squish this gnat. But it keeps buzzing around saying things like “how awesome would it be to just get pregnant now? Now that you’ve already gone in debt over the IVF meds. Now just before you were going to do IVF.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be the fertility unicorn?