Today is 10 dpo, and now also CD 1.
AF ruined a brand new pair of cute panties.
She declared me not pregnant which irritates the crap out of me.
She made sure to ruin the weekend.

She now has me scared of a luteal phase defect. How bad is a 9 day luteal phase? Does the luteal length change?

I’m supposed to call my doctor on CD 1 to get femara to take days 3-7 to hopefully ovulate before cd 24. But it’s Saturday night. Normally my doctor isn’t in on Monday either. But I have her cell number. So do I call the answering service to try to reach her or get a message to her, or bug her on her cell on Monday morning?

Ugh. I’m still thankful I ovulated. But now I have a new set of things to worry about. The joys of infertility struggles right?