Ovulating 3 days after a period?

Ugh, charting. All the tension and drama that can go with it. Especially when you’re trying to get back on the ttc horse.

I woke up this morning only 30mins later than usual to find my temp spiked by about .6. I temp vaginally because orally was too erratic. I’m a mouth breather and on occasion I snore. Since I’ve been temping vaginally I haven’t seen a spike this large. If it were orally I wouldn’t think much of it. My temp was 98.46. It’s unusual for me to be much above 98.


Im im really hoping I don’t ovulate this early. We haven’t BD in like 2 weeks so if this is an early cycle it’s a bust. Which is bittersweet because if so then at least I ovulated on my own. So hopefully I’ll do it again.

When I got pregnant with the ectopic, we BD 2 days after AF ended. I wasn’t temping or using opk so I don’t know when it happened that cycle. But that’s the earliest it could have happened. Two weeks after that I had sore boobs. Who knows?

This time I haven’t been using opk yet as I thought it was too early. I know only time will tell. I wouldn’t even be making a big deal of it if I hadn’t noticed the timing on the ectopic cycle. We shall see. Hopefully it’s a fluke…