HSG test. What was your experience?

Have you done a HSG test? The one where they shoot dye up your who-ha to see if your tubes are open.

My first one is tomorrow afternoon. I only have one tube. The other one that is missing now caused an ectopic pregnancy so I’m very worried my remaining one will be blocked.

I’ve rather stupidly looked up online what to expect from this test as I had no clue. From what I’ve read it’s either fast and easy with minimal pain/cramping or it’s the worst thing ever done.

It seems those who have both tubes and they’re clog free have an easy, painless experience. Those who have one or both tubes clogged experienced the horrible pain.

If you have only one tube and did this test I’m especially curious how your HSG test went. But I would like to hear all experiences with this test. Good and bad.

I’m doing my second acupuncture ever today in an effort to relax and promote a spasm free tube tomorrow. Because tube spasms can make it appear that there’s a blockage when there isn’t.

Wish me luck! Thoughts and positive vibes for an easy test with a clean and clear tube please!

How did your test go?