TTC Timeline

Our TTC timeline:

April 2014– DH and I decided we wanted to try for a baby! Yay! Officially starting, not just talking about it.

April 18th 2014– I stopped taking my birth control pill (cryselle). I decided I want 2 kids. Better get started!

May 2014– Pregnancy symptoms, spotting but no AF.

June 5th 2014– BFP pregnancy test! Yay! That was quick. Holy crap, I’m pregnant.

June 13th 2014– Friday the 13th! Found out the pregnancy was ectopic, had Methotrexate shot to end the pregnancy. 😦

June 24th 2014– My tube ruptured, and it along with my pregnancy was removed in surgery. 😦

September 2014– Found out I wasn’t ovulating after healing from the ectopic. Had blood work done and everything else is normal.

September 12th– First (induced with provera) bleed after ectopic. Finally!

September 18th 2014– HSG test. (Hysterosalpingogram test) My remaining tube is wide open, my uterus appears normal. 🙂

October 2014– First ovulation cycle since ectopic. First cycle on femara (letrozole).  Late ovulation CD 24. 9 day luteal phase. 😦

 January 2015– Femara 5mg days 5-9. Beautiful ovulation on cd 13, beautiful temp rise, nice long luteal phase 15 days.

February 2015– First visit with the RE at a fertility clinic. Diagnosed with PCOS when he saw 20+ eggs/cysts on each ovary.

need to update this. Did 3 fresh IVF cycles. All bfn. 1 FET in October 2015 as we finally got eggs to freeze. BFP!!!

June 2016- Rainbow baby arrived!!! A month early. Did time in NICU. Thriving now.


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